Excellence, Integrity, Balance. Combined, these values build the culture of HLC Media Co and are the driving principles for the work we do.

We pair strategy with execution to build integrated brand experiences for consumer and enterprise companies. We encourage big ideas, explore the finest details, embrace complexity and champion simplicity.

In 2014 we launched a new platform that is a trusted source for acculturated and aspiring Latinas, HipLatina brand provides thoughtful, engaging and always approachable content. Diverse perspectives from strong, forward-thinking Latinas empower our audience to be their best selves.

The HipLatina platform reaches more than four million consumers per month via email, web, Facebook, Twitter, and the more than 20 websites and mobile apps to which it syndicates content. HipLatina’s digital-to-local platform educates and inspires consumers online with expert content and then engages them socially and locally via premium culinary and lifestyle experiences at top venues in many major U.S. markets.

The platform was acquired in June of 2018 by H Code and continues to create content for the millennial Latina audience.

Latinas are more active on social media than any other demographic group, including Millennials as a whole.
HipLatina has a social reach of over 2.1 million each month.
HipLatina pushes sponsored content to a large newsletter list.
HipLatina's content is syndicated on over 20 websites. This drives our partners opportunity to reach a larger targeted audience.

Like our readers, we are a team of Latina/Afro-Latinx writers and editors are from diverse backgrounds with an endless range of interests. What we all have in common with each other is that we are insatiably curious about the world. We care about what’s working and what isn’t, about fashion, politics, technology, celebrities, health, beauty, work, sex, friendship, food, and more. We write stories in a way that’s smart, informative, fun, and supportive — of your relationships, your choices, your goals, and you. To inspire readers to be their best versions of themselves, but to also compel them to reach outward in activism, especially with regard to human, and of course, women’s rights. At our core, we’re in search of experiences — the kinds that could change our night, the kinds that could change our mind, and the kinds that could change our life.